3 Considerations When Selecting The Right Internet Plan

Selecting the right Internet plan is not easy, especially when some companies offer various tiers of service. Choosing the right plan in the beginning will improve your satisfaction with the service and allow you to do almost anything online.


When you consider what is affordable for your household, you need to look beyond any promotions. It is common for providers to offer a discounted rate for the first year or two of service, but the same plan may climb afterwards. Choose the plan that you could afford without discounts, so you do not face early-termination charges after the promotion period or need to stop your service entirely. Additionally, you will need a modem/router for most types of internet. If you are buying your own instead of renting it from your provider, be certain you contact them for their recommended devices. You want to be certain the device you choose will work with your provider.


The basic plan for your household will depend on your usage. If you are truly a basic user who simply sends emails and surfs the web, an entry-level plan will be enough. You need to consider higher-tier plans if you are a household with multiple people or devices. Most providers will give you a recommendation based on your estimated usage. If you currently have service, look at the amount of data you use each month as a guideline. Data usage becomes increasingly critical if you stream videos and movies, upload video content, or use live video. Whenever possible, consider the highest tier plan if you consume many gigabytes of data and the highest speeds are crucial.

Bonus Features

Sometimes, going up a tier can afford you bonuses from your provider or they can allow you to cut costs elsewhere. Some providers give their customers the ability to use free Wi-Fi at many locations across the country if they are subscribed to higher-tier plans. If you travel frequently, you can simply make use of the Internet you already pay for instead of draining cellular data or possibly choosing a more expensive hotel for Internet access. A popular option for people with Internet is to stop their cable in favor of streaming services. It may be more economical to pay for a higher tier of Internet and use a streaming service, especially if the streaming services does not require a commitment.

Choosing your Internet service plan wisely can help you balance affordability with speed and data. Sometimes choosing a higher-tier plan upfront will save you money later in the year. Contact a service, like Solarus, for more help.

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