Wireless Cameras Are Popular, But Traditional Wired Camera Systems Are Still More Reliable For Protecting Your Property

Wireless cameras are becoming more popular among homeowners since they're easy to install and operate. However, traditional wired cameras used in a wired home security system setup still have a number of reliability advantages over their wireless counterparts. Here's what you need to know about the advantages of wired cameras over wireless cameras.

Wired Cameras Operate With No Power or Internet

Most wireless cameras use cloud-based storage. Whenever the camera detects movement, it will upload a picture or a video to your account on the camera provider's website. This has the advantage of keeping the media in a secure location that burglars can't access — if they were stored on your home computer or on the camera, thieves could steal both to ensure that you never saw it.

The disadvantage of this is that you require both power and an internet connection for the camera to upload any suspicious media to the cloud. Some wireless cameras also store media on a flash drive on the camera itself, but wireless cameras are easy for thieves to remove and steal, so there's no guarantee you will have access to the recordings.

Wired cameras, on the other hand, have battery backup systems that allow them to function without power, and they send all of their data to a central digital video recording device in your home. This allows them to record any suspicious activity and safely store it even when your home does not have power or an internet connection. The recording unit is typically installed in a hidden location that requires power tools to access, making it a safe repository for recordings.

Wireless Cameras May Be Vulnerable to Hacking Attempts

Since wireless cameras are connected to your wireless network, they're vulnerable to hacking. If a security vulnerability in your model of camera is found, technically-savvy burglars may be able to remotely disable your cameras or steal recorded images. Since the presence of wireless cameras and their models can be discovered by burglars driving around the neighborhood and scanning wireless networks with a laptop, a security vulnerability in your wireless camera may draw unneeded attention from thieves.

Wired cameras are connected to the digital recorder by either coaxial cables or ethernet cables that run through the wall — they have no network presence that can alert thieves to their existence or allow them to be hacked. Thieves are unable to disable wired camera systems, so they're more reliable for detecting threats and recording suspicious activity.

While wireless cameras are easier to install, wired cameras offer a number of security advantages over them. They can operate without power or internet access, and they are impossible for intruders to easily steal or disable. Wired cameras are also cheaper per unit than wireless cameras. Most of the cost of a wired home security system comes from installation, so shop around for different providers to see who gives you the best price.

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