How Entity Extraction Software Can Benefit You Or Your Company

Do you have a lot of unstructured or unsorted data that you need to sift through? Whether you are a journalist trying to identify critical information within a large database or a company trying to sort through hundreds or thousands of test results or other information, you stand to benefit by using the right kind of software that can help you get through this process more efficiently. Here's why you might want to contact a provider of entity extraction software today to discuss your specific situation.

Save Time By Automatically Sorting Through Terabytes of Data Instead of Scrolling Through All Of It By Hand

Entity extraction software can help you quickly sift through a large amount of data looking for specific words or other criteria that you enter into the system. By having software search through hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets or databases for you automatically, you can find the appropriate information that you need without taking up too much time. You'll then be able to verify the information the software finds and move on to the next step in your work process more efficiently.

Entity Extraction Software Can Help Ensure That You Don't Overlook Anything Important

If you do intend to sift or scroll through unsorted data by hand, there's a chance you might accidentally overlook something. Having your eyes dart across spreadsheet after spreadsheet could quickly get old and have you feeling bleary-eyed. It's more than possible that you could accidentally miss or overlook an important data point when trying to do everything on your own. When you use entity extraction software, the computer is not going to tire out no matter how much data you feed into it. This will ensure a more complete list of sorted data results that will provide confidence as you move forward with the next step of your work process.

Entity Extraction Software Can Understand Context and Provide More Accurate Results Than a Basic Keyword Search

It's true that you might be able to quickly find certain keywords with a basic keyword search. A simple Control + F or Command + F on your keyboard may help you find how many instances there are of a certain word within the database. The problem with this is that a basic keyword search does not account for context. For example, you could be searching for someone's last name, but what if that last name is also the name of a street or road within the unsorted data? Your keyword search would find both the last name "Smith" but might also find a "Smith" street and include them in the count without differentiating between them. Entity extraction software is capable of learning context on the fly and identifying only the specific words you want that are within the correct context.

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