Tips For A Secure Security Surveillance System

Security camera systems are a great way to monitor what's happening around your property, but they can also become targets for vandals that would cause trouble for you. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to know about protecting your property's surveillance and security camera infrastructure from thieves and vandals.

Installation Location Matters

The first thing that you need to think about is where you install your cameras. The higher up you install them, the better it is for you. Higher elevation makes it harder for potential vandals to reach, access, and damage your cameras. Talk with your security system installation technician about installing your cameras as high up off the ground as possible to protect them. You can even have poles installed for higher vantage points if you prefer independent installation instead of mounting the cameras on your building.

Hiding Places Are Convenient

Security cameras that aren't visible can't become targets for vandals. Talk with your security system installation technician about putting some of the cameras in hidden locations so that they aren't easily visible to bystanders. Hidden cameras give you greater visibility because people won't temper their behaviors when they don't know that they're being watched. 

Wireless Cameras Are Safer

One of the most common intervention methods for security camera systems is actually the most low-tech approach that you can imagine. Security systems rely on power cords and cables for connectivity in many cases. Cut those cables and you eliminate visibility. That's why you should invest in wireless cameras for as many of your security cameras as possible. When there are no wires, vandals can't cut them to disrupt your system.

Encased Cameras Are Protected

Security camera models that are encased in hardened enclosures with shields over the top are better protected from vandalism. The front screen can still be covered, but the enclosure is usually resistant to damage or penetration.

Firewalls Are Essential

Most modern surveillance systems are wifi-enabled, allowing you to store surveillance footage in the cloud. Unfortunately, this technology makes the footage vulnerable to hackers. Strong firewall protection is essential for ensuring adequate protection to keep your security footage from being breached.

These are some of the most important things to talk with your security installation contractor about. With these tips and the right planning ahead of time, you'll have comprehensive coverage and a secure system. In fact, the better you plan before installation, the more secure your surveillance system will be. For more information on security camera systems, contact a company near you.

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